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We introduce customer's voice & news of JDM watches.
We are waiting for customer's voice for JDM watches.


64e00cc7.JPGIn JAPAN there are only 300 shops which can deal with BRIGHTZ
SEIKO's Staff says"Nobody can display the price and sell them in web.
It should be sold at only the real
shop which registered as
That is the why, we don't describe the detail of BRIGHTZ PHOENIX
in our Web. So Please ask forBRIGHTZ PHOENIX ,
We will answer whatever you want to know.
That is No Problem.

written by toku

No Stock of SBDC001 in SEIKO2

e83ec8f9.JPGOn September 26th SEIKO dosen't have SBDC001.
Because this summer SBDC001
was very popular in JAPAN.
And SEIKO has many kinds of watch with 6R15's movement.
So he had to distribute 6R15 to
several watches.
For about 1month and a harf
Shops of JAPAN had to wait.
he will start to release SBDC001 middle of this October.
But we have some in stock.

by toku

Still we have some SBDC001.
Please order to CHINO WATCH. (2008/10/21 for the present)

Special offer of SEIKO SNNA99P5


<<< Click photo for more detail!

Special offer 188 USD only!

Hellow every one.
Do you enjoy good time with
your favorite watch?

Today we got Special offer from SEIKO.
It is quartz chronograph
with alarm SNNA99P1.

It has two tone bracelet and massive face.
Seems to be your favorite.
We do not add it on our web site,so
when you feel interesting mail us please.
We can present 3pices of SNN99P1 for you.

Our special price is 188USD with ship/HC.

Lokking for your mail.
Have a good day.

written by makoto.

Take Me CHINO WATCH In Atre Meguro

a3f2f2f0.jpgIf you come to Tokyo in JAPAN and have free time for an hour.
Please come to our shop.

We don't have any holidays except January 1st.
It will open 10am〜9pm.
We have 40kinds watch except SEIKO watch.

How to reach to us.
Please get on 「JR line 」(a belt line).
And get off「MEGURO」(near SHIBUYA).
There is building on the Entrance of MEGURO staition.
That is ATRE MEGURO 1.We are 4th floor.
That is all.
By Taxi,Please call 「ATRE MEGURO 」to Taxi Driver.

Or show the following message to him.


Print this message and take it on visiting to Tokyo JAPAN.

We are waiting for you.

written by toku

Special Offer of 6R15B !5

b63c7d4b.JPGWe got fine special offer from SEIKO today.
It is a piece of SCVS009 with 6R15B.
It is not our reguloar so can present only one piece.
Our specil offer is 258USD with ship and H/C for INTERNATIONAL order.
It has sapphire glass and 10bar water resistance.
It has beatiful seethrough back and can see 6R15B.
We will be able to send you INTERNATIONAL garantee with our
registrated number by SEIKO.
Please mail us when you have interesting.

Mail to en-shop@c-watch.co.jp
Written by makoto.


3fe67d3c.JPGWe are reday for SS bracelet of SKX173.SKX175.SKXA35.
Material is Stainless Steel.
Width is 22mm/with curved clasp.
Our price is $29 + $10(s/H).
Total price is $39.

Please REQUEST to us.

written by toku


Please let us know
4 Numbers(Caliver No.)-4 Numbers(Case No.)
engraved in your watch back.
For example, 7s26-0630
and Part's name
For example,SS bracelet .Hands. Crown or Leather Strap etc.

Please push「Request」Botton and send Email.

We will look for it by asking to SEIKO PARTS CENTER.
A few days later,You will get answer from us like followings.

They have original parts,It costs・・・
They have substitute, It costs・・・
They will make it,It takes・・months to get. It costs・・・
They don't have any,because of discontinue or lack of stock.

Estimation is Free!!

SS Bracelet for Black& Orange Monster4

5c7b0a41.JPGSEIKO Original Stanless Bracelert for Black & Orange Monster
Width is 20mm.
For SKX779(Black Monster) and SKX781(Orange monster)
Our price is $35 and $10(shipping&handling charge).
Total price is $45.

Now we don't make page for SEIKO parts yet.
If you are interested in this bracelet,
Please ask for us.

And if you look for some parts of your SEIKO Watch,
Please REQUEST to us.

written by toku

SCVS015 Black dial automatic SEIKO watch4

765b0fb2.jpgSSCVS015 is very popular automatic SEIKO watch in JAPAN.
Feature is followings.
Movement is 6R15.
Black dial,Sappire glass,Skelton back,10bar water resistance.
diameter 38mm ,thickness 12mm ,weight is 64g.
Case is stainless steel.
Black Calf leather strap.
Anti magnet,Date,with hack.

Regular price of JAPAN is 37.800enn(JPY).
Our internatinal price is $308(with S&H).

If you are interrested in this watch,Please order.

by toku

SCVS013 popular automatic seiko watch5

bdf1664e.jpgSSCVS013 is very popular automatic SEIKO watch in JAPAN.
Feature is followings.
Movement is 6R15.
White dial,Sappire glass,Skelton back,10bar water resistance.
diameter 38mm ,thickness 12mm ,weight is 64g.
Case is stainless steel with Blue steel needles.
Black Calf leather strap.
Anti magnet,Date,with hack.
Regular price of JAPAN is 37.800enn(JPY).
Our internatinal price is $308(with S&H).

If you are interested in it,Please Order.

by toku


868c1f6d.jpgSBGR037 GRAND SEIKO will be released on November2008.
Limited 300pc are made in JAPAN
for celebratoin of 10th year for Caliber 9S.
Feature is followings.

Original dial with GS'mark printed.
Blue steel needles.
Skelton back.
Rotor with Special mark(we called shishi,material K18)
With indivisual Number printed.
Price is 472.500enn(JPY).

I think it is very difficult to get it.
We may not able to accept reservation of it because of a few.

written by toku

SBDC007・SBDC009 Debue!!5

New SEIKO Mechanical Diver watches will be released
on December 2008.
SBDC007 is black dial TITAN cace and TITAN brecelet with 6R15
automatic movement.SBDC009 is orange dial with same way.
Both of them cost on 126,000enn(JPY).
Date of delivery will be middle or end of this December.
Our price will be about $925〜$950.
Now there is no Press release of the watch,
so we don't have photo.
Please wait for a while.
Detail of the watches will be shown soon.

Please contact

by toku


News /Discontinue SBDA001.003.005

90d87df2.JPG SEIKO's staff said that SEIKO WATCH discontinued to produce SBDA001.SBDA003.SBDA005 yesterday.
They have many back order ofSBDA001(Blackdial/titan case & baracelet),
so the stock is rare.Today(2008/09/18) SEIKO have a few stocks and
products of SBDA003 & SBDA005.If you think to get them,You had better to buy fast.

written by toku

6R15A 6R15B What is the diffrent?

264e4858.JPGRecently we heard about 6R15B,instead of 6R15.
SEIKO staff said "We don't recognize new 6R15 it means 6R15B.So you can't
order watch with 6R15B,please say to your customer about it.
For some new skelton back watches, we will see engraved 6R15B on Rotor.
But for Mecha Diver,SBDC001.003.005 we can not see the Rotor.
Anyway ,in fact ,we can not select what we want from SEIKO WATCH CAMPANY.

written by toku


2895f955.JPGWe got question about GRAND SEIKO (SBGM003) from Germany on 23/08/2008.
But we could not answer for them,because of returning Email.
Mr W.S could not get our Email.

In our web ,our international price of that watch is 「Ask」.
For first question,
The price of SBGM003 is $3.300(including S&H).
For second question,Another SS bracelet of SBGM009 costs $550.
For third question,Holding clasp ofSBGM003 costs $100.
We want to answer Mr W.S with Email.
We will wait for your QUESTION again.

written by toku

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