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We introduce customer's voice & news of JDM watches.
We are waiting for customer's voice for JDM watches.

GW-9300GY-1JF sold out!!

GW-9300GY-1JF"Men in Smoky Gray"
MUDMAN had been already discontinued by CASIO.
Our stocks were sold out today(2012.03.01).

" Garish Black" series and"Men in Military Colors" will be
released on this April and May.

Basic Atomic Mudman, GW-9300-1JF will come soon.
Thank you for your many orders of GW-9300GY-1JF.

Casio had built new factory on heights in Thailand instead
of their old factry damaged by flood.

Cheer up CASIO!!
Make G much more!!

SEIKO CITIZEN ,ORIENT Exihition Feb 8th.

SEIKO, CITIZEN, ORIENT will publish new watches
in this exihition .
CASIO will do Feb 22th.
We will get many information for a half year for each makers.
We will show them day by day in this blog.
Please wait for a while.

New SEIKO mechanical watch Debut!


SEIKO had released New mechanical watch
Automatic 6R15
With hack and 23jewels(+25〜-15 seconds/day)

SS case & bracslet
50hours power reserve
10bar water resistance
weight 145 g/thick 12.9mm/diameter 39 mm
1 year international warranty
MSRP 68.250JPY
International price is $678

Please check here

CITIZEN New Automatic Diver's watch


Citizen had released New Automatic
3 kinds of Diver's watches .

NY6021-51E(Black Dial) .
NY6020-54L( Dark Blue dial).
NY6024-53E(they are made in Japan).
Automatic 8230(-10- +20 seconds/ day)
SS case & bracelet
20 bar water resistance
Bezel is rotating with anti-clockwise
Index & needle of lumibrite
Screw locked crown
weight 162 g/thick 13.4mm/diameter 43.5mm
1 year international warranty

MSRP is 42,000JPY
Our price is $435

Please check here

SEIKO Limied Editon SBPA007 " Lupan 3rd"


SEIKO had released Limited Edition SBPA007
With movement S771
(+/-15 seconds/month)
Solar & Radio-Contralled
SS case and bracelet with black IP
10bar water resistance
Power saving function
5 desigh of display
Alarm & Full auto calendar
World time ( 32 cities)
Dual time function
Sound demonstration
LED light
With Original Box
weight139g/thick 10.9mm
Our price is $658 .

Please check here

Only these G SHOCK on November!!

We have New G-SHOCK."so-called Army Green"
GW-7900KG-3JF (MSRP 24,150JPY) with $276 .
AWG-M500KG-3AJF (MSRP25,200JPY) with $287.

Casio had not released GW-5610KG-3JF (MSRP22,050JPY)
GW-56KG-3JF (MSRP29,400JPY)
GW-6900KG-3JF (MSRP22,050JPY) by Thailand's flood

Thank you for your understandings.

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Flood's Influence in Thailand

Most of Casio G Shock made in Thailand are delay
on making and coming to Japan by flood of Thailand.
Not only Japan Model, but international model
had been affected.

Our Casio's staff says
"It is a kind of panic.
We can not recognize the influence
of flood exactly.
For some time,it is difficult for us
to keep the inventries enough"

To international customers,
Please be careful,
it is not easy to get your favorite
G Shock whenever you want.

We are sorry for it is sold out for long time.


New MANASUL with 20 bar water resistant


Casio had released PROTREK "MANASLU" on this month.
That is PRX-2500T-7JF(Malti-Band 6,MSRP115,500JPY).
Detail ;
Tough solar
Titan & Plastic Case and Band
Non Refractive Sapphireglass
20 bar water resistance
Triple Sensor
Manual No 3258
57.0x47.7x12.8mm / 115g

Our price is 1,178USD

Please check some pictures

SEIKO " Open Heart" Mechanical


SEIKO had released PRESAGE SARY017 (Made in Japan)
MSRP is 39,900JPY.
Detail ;
Automatic & handwinding 4R38
21,600 vaiarations/h
With Hack /24 jewels
+45〜-35 seconds/day
41 hours power reserve
Sapphireglass /Scewed back
SS case & SS bracelet
10 bar water resistance
weight 133 g/ thick10.4mm /diameter 40.0mm

Our price is $409

Please order here

Casio "PHYS" with Malti-Band 6


Casio had released New " PHYS"
With Radio-Controlled & Tough Solar
STW-1000-2JF(Light Blue).
The detail is
Tough Solar (Solar charge system)
Radio wave Atomic time keeping reception
Plastic Case and Bandcase
Waterproof to 10bar
World time (48 cities )
Stop watch (1/100sec, 100hr, with 120 lap memory)
Timer (99min 55sec, Repeat)
Alarm (with snooze function)
Battery indicator display
Power saving function
Date and day of week display fa
Auto Calendar
12/24hr time display
Sound: ON/OFF
Band: to 215mm
49.0×45.0×11.6mm/Weight 46g
Manual 3272
MSRP is 13,500JPY. Our price is $175

Please check these photo

ProTrek with "20 bar water resistant "


We have " 20 Bar water resistant Pro Trek"
PRW-2500-1JF (Malti-Band 6)
Plastic & Alminium Case and Urethane Band
Atomic time keeping
(US,UK,Germany and Japan)
Shock Resistance
Tough Solar
20 BAR Water Resistance
Triple Sensor
Digital Compass/ALtimeter Memory
Altitude alarm/Barometer/Thermometer
Tide graph & Moon Data
Auto EL backlight
World time 48 cities
Stop watch and alarm
Auto calendar
12/24 Hour Formats
Battery power indicator
Power reserve function
manual 3258
MSRP 42,000JPY
International price $435

You can order PRW-2500-1JF here

Also you can order PRW-2500T-1JF

Resonable Quartz Chronograph in SEIKO" SBTQ077"


We recommend SBTQ077 & SBTQ073 with resonable price
in SEIKO Quartz Chronograph
Detail ; Quartz Chronograph
Movement 7T11 (+/-15 seconds /month )
Mineral glass /SS case & bracelet
Stop watch (1second -12hours)
With Taki-meter
24 hour indication
10bar water resistance
5 years battery
weight 121 g /thick9.8mm /diameter 40.0mm
1 year International warranty
MSRP 26,250JPY
International price $278

You can order it here

Most popular Mecha in SEIKO"SARY005"

Recently many customers get SARY005 (made in Japan) .
Detail is followings;
Automatic & handwinding4R35
21,600 vaiarations/h
With hack /23jewels (+45〜-35 seconds/day )
41hours power reserve
Scewed back /SS case & SS bracelet
10 bar water resistance
weight 133 g /thick 10.4mm /diameter 40.0mm
1 year International warranty
MSRP 33,600 JPY
International price $349

You can order it here

New CITIZEN "XC" Eco-Drive with Global Radio-Controlled Debut!!


Citizen had released New Eco-Drive with
global radio-controlled "XC"
EC1014-65W (MSRP60,900JPY) with 598USD &
EC1010-57W(MSRP57,750JPY) with 568USD.
Detail is followings;
Movement H240
Perfex Malti
+/-15 seconds /month
Stainless Steel case & bracelet
5 bar water resistance
World time 24 cities
weight 60 g /thick7,8mm /diameter 30.0mm
1 year international warranty

We have also EC1010-06A(MSRP57,750JPY) &
EC1010-57X(MSRP57,750JPY) with 568USD.

Please check some pictures

SEIKO CITIZEN CASIO Exhibition in Autumn& Winter 2011

Today SEIKO CITIZEN and CASIO present many new products in this exhibition.

Typical impression is followings;
Citizen present Automatic Diver's watch (movement,8203)
NY-6021-51E (black dial,MSRP42,000JPY)
NY-6021-54E (blue dial,MSRP42,000JPY)
NY-6021-53E (black dial,MSRP42,000JPY)
New"XC" will have new movement (H240) with Solar Radio-controoled 4bands.
EC1014-65W MSRP60,900PY
EC1010-06A MSRP57,750PY

SEIKO's collections
New Grand SEIKO
SBGM025(white dial)&027(black dial)(MSRP472,500JPY) with GMT movement
"SPRIT SMART" with active matrix
Mechanical made in Japan " PRESAGE" will be released

CASIO's typical collections
OCW-T1010-1AJF (MSRP115,500JPY) will debut in October.
EQW-A1000DB-1AJF(MSRP57,750JPY) &
EQW-560DB-1AJF(MSRP36,750JPY) will be debut in October.
PRW-2500-1AJF (MSRP42,000JPY) &
" New PHYS" STW-1000-1JF(MSRP14,175JPY,
with Malti-Band 6)will be debut in October.

We will describe new watches with photo in our web site soon.

SBBN021 Limited Ediion 400pc


Today we got SEIKO SBBN021(MSRP220,500JPY).
Our price is 2,280 USD(included shipping charge )

Please check here

Casio New Sky Cockpit


CASIO had released New SkyCockpit GW-3000G& GW-3500G since End of July.
We will introduce here,GW-3000G-1AJF
(Malti-Band 6,MSRP 37,800JPY )
Tough solar
Shock Resistant/Screw back
20 bar water resistance
Atomic time keeping
(US,UK,Germany,China and Japan)
World time48cities
Malti alarm 5set
Battery indicator
Power saving function
Full auto calendar
12/24 hour format
Plastic & SS case Urethane band
manual 5121
International price $393

You can order here

New Protrek PRW-5100G-4JF


Casio released new protrek PRW-5100G-4JR on July
(Malti-Band 6 ,Made in Japan )

Analogue and Degital Combination
Atomic time keeping
(US,UK,Germany and Japan)
Plastic/SS case and Urethane Band
Tough Solar
10Bar water resistance
Triple Sensor
Digital Compass
ALtimeter Memory
Altitude alarm
Low Temparatuer Resistance
Auto EL backlight
World time 29 cities
Stop watch and alarm
Auto calendar
12/24 Hour Formats
Battery power indicator
Power reserve function
With Original Box & Extra Band
56.8x49.3x14.2mm/79.6g/manual 5214

Please check Detail here

Summer Gift from CHINO WATCH


CHINO WATCH present Special Gift for International
Customeres until August 5th.
We put "SUMMER JUMBO LOTTARY 2011" to every
watch's order as a fun.

Lot Day is August 9th  2011.

You can check "Winning Number"  
Winning Number will be noted here August around 9-10th

The first prize is 200,000,000 JPY.
Do you imagine when you get the first prize?

GW-9300GB is more popular


Casio had released GW-9300GB and GW-9300 at same time.
We had many orders for both watch,GW-9300GB is selling
beyond our thought even if it is a little bit more expensive.

Detail is following;

Malt-Band6,Tough Solar,
New typical feature is
Mud resistant
with Twin sencer( for compass & temperature)
with Moon data
with urethane band in carbon fiber
MSRP 37,800JPY
Our price is 393USD.

Please contact here

Rare Stock of SEIKO


This is "49er class LIMITED EDITION 2011"
Brightz SAGA093 (MSRP115,500JPY,490 pc)   

Solar -Radio controlled
Movement No. 8B54
SS case with "Super clear coating"
Sapphire glass
Lumibrite Index&needle
Accuracy +/- 15 seconds/ month
10 bar water resistance
Weight 140g
Thickness 11.3mm

With screw locked crown
Screw back case
With serial number & Original Box
Power saving function
Full auto calendar
World time 24 cities
Dual time
Time-keeping Functions
(Japan, China, North America)

Our price is 1,198USD.

You can order here

New Mudman is Debut!!


Casio release mudman GW-9300-1JF with new design
(MSRP36,750JPY) .
Malt-Band6,Tough Solar,
New typical feature is
Mud resistant
with Twin sencer( for compass & temperature)
with Moon data
with urethane band in carbon fiber

Our price is 379USD.

Please check here

Limited Edition GDK-56DGK-1JR


We have special edition of G-Shock GXW-56DGK-1JR .
DGK"Dirty Gehtto Kids" is Brand Name and GX56DGK-1JR is collavolation model by Stevie Williams

Shock Resistant
Plastic band
Tough solar
World Time: 48 city (with 31 time zones, summer time setting function) of the world +UTC (conventional world time)
1/100 second stopwatch
Timer function
Daily alarm
Time signal function
Battery indicator
Power saving function
Fully automatic calendar
12/24 time system indication reshuffling
Operation sound ON/OFF reshuffling function
EL backlight
200m Water Resistant
The Manufactures warranty & in Original Gift Box
55.5 X 53.6 X 17.5mm /88g
Manial No, 3321
MSRP 22,050 JPY

CASIO "Black Titan Limited " Debut!!


Today we got Casio New ProTrek " Black Titan Limited"
MSRP is 94,500JPY.(Malti-Band6/made in Japan)
Detail is
Analogue and Degital Combination
Atomic time keeping
(US,UK,Germany and Japan)
Plastic/SS case and Titan Band
Black IP coating

Tough Solar/10Bar water resistance
Triple Sensor/Digital Compass
ALtimeter Memory/Altitude alarm
Low Temparatuer Resistance
Auto EL backlight
World time 29 cities/Stop watch and alarm
Auto calendar/12/24 Hour Formats
Battery power indicator/Power reserve function
Manual 5214

Our price is 936 USD

Please order here

New Citizen had been released


CB0027-69E (Made in Japan ) had been released.

It has Movement H145(Perfex Malti 3000 ).
Detail is followings,
Sapphire Glass
SS case & bracelet
2 month power reserve
20 bar water resistance
World time 26 cities
Perpetual calendar
weight 156 g/ dimeter 45.0mm /thick10.8mm
MSRP is 54,600 JPY
Our price is $538
We have also CB0027-18E with 515USD.

Please contact here



We sell Casio G-Shock GDF-100-1AJF/1BJF/4JF
Shock Resistant
200M Water Resistant
LED Backlight (Super Illuminator)
World Time
31 times zones (48 cities)
5 Daily Alarms
Hourly Time Signal
1/100 second stopwatch
Countdown Timer
Full Auto Calendar
12/24 Hour Formats
Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month
Approx. battery life: 5 years
Manual 3255
55.0 x 51.5 x 17.2mm / 69.2g

Our price is 195 USD.
Contact here

Orient Limited Edition


We have Orient 55th Aniversary Model
WZ0011EH & WZ0021EH
(MSRP84,000JPY) with 698 USD.

Please contact here

Final Stocks of SARB031

SARB031 003

Today we got several inventories of SARB031 from SEIKO.
SEIKO had already discontiued to produce SARB031.
It seems last stock.
If you are interested in, Please contact us.
SARB031 is one of best masterpeice of SEIKO Mechanical Watches under 100.000JPY.
Under 500 euro it is very competitive in Swiss and German watches in Accuracy, Desigh,Condition and other points.

Again this is last chance to get it.
Our price is 498USD.

We are sorry if it is sold out.

Please check here

Toku Chino

After a long time

.SARB017 03

Today we got popular mechanical watch SARB017
and SARB033.
SEIKO decided to make them at least this Fall
( by next new catalogue published)
If you are wondering whether buying or not,you had better to get it soon.
Their inventry will be rare and finally will be stopped making.
We are trying to get them many as much as we can

Order here

No more SBCM023

SBCM023 01

SEIKO had decided to not make great quartz diver watch
Quartz 200M Diver 8F35
+/-20 seconds / year
Stainless Case & Bracelet
Screw locked crown
Perpetual Calender
( Until 2100 / 02 /28 )
8 year's battery
Bezel is only anti-clockwise
Index & needle of lumibrite
weight 140g /thick12.0mm /diameter 38mm

How come SEIKO quit making this masterpiece?
We have last stocks
Please check here and be in a hurry.


I found out the thread of SBCM023 for this blog in watchuseek on May 15th 2011.
SEIKO should listen to the voice of international customers.

Voice of Customers


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