Mr, Alex told us this impression about his order of SARB017
like following.


"Well, on 26th of April someone knocked on my door...
I didn't expect it to be so fast: seven dayes and bingo!!
its on myhand.
Thank You,Big Brothers,for this work of art,
for this masterpiece.
A piece of Emerald from faraway Japan.
Sometimes I visit Seiko Forum
on Russian You know that 'Alpinist' Topic has 150 pages of discussion?
Imagine! 150 pages! 1491 replies and 162,888 views.
Very impressive.There is only one remark:
this watch is worth more expensive
(200 USD) LEATHER strap!"

We realize Russian customers love SARB017 so much even
we can not understand Russian.
Thank you very much Mr, Alex.