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Voice of Russian customer for SARB017


Mr, Alex told us this impression about his order of SARB017
like following.


"Well, on 26th of April someone knocked on my door...
I didn't expect it to be so fast: seven dayes and bingo!!
its on myhand.
Thank You,Big Brothers,for this work of art,
for this masterpiece.
A piece of Emerald from faraway Japan.
Sometimes I visit Seiko Forum
on Russian forum.watch.ru.Do You know that 'Alpinist' Topic has 150 pages of discussion?
Imagine! 150 pages! 1491 replies and 162,888 views.
Very impressive.There is only one remark:
this watch is worth more expensive
(200 USD) LEATHER strap!"

We realize Russian customers love SARB017 so much even
we can not understand Russian.
Thank you very much Mr, Alex.

After a long time

.SARB017 03

Today we got popular mechanical watch SARB017
and SARB033.
SEIKO decided to make them at least this Fall
( by next new catalogue published)
If you are wondering whether buying or not,you had better to get it soon.
Their inventry will be rare and finally will be stopped making.
We are trying to get them many as much as we can

Order here

Easy Compass of Alpinist

8d45e8b9.JPGToday we have query how to use Easy Compass of Alpinist

I will discrible it in blog.

Only North part of the Earth
(Above Equator).

1st: Keeping the watch paralle.
2nd: Point the hand of Hour to SUN.
The result:
South direction is located on just
a half between the hand of Hour and
the hand of Minute.

Next: Ajust the crown
(Turn to the sigh "S"of bezel to South).

Fainally You can recozniged Every direction easily with Alpinist
by turnning the inner bezel.

It is rainy day you can not use Easy Compass.

If Diagram is required to exlpain.
It will be easy to understand.

Does it make sence?

by Toku
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